Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Usa e getta

I've always found uses for things and things to make use of no matter where I am. In my time living in different countries and travelling I've always collected pieces from these places to utilize in my work. Recently there was some interest shown in the necklaces I make from stones and ribbon and a liquid polymer ( which keeps them flexible). They are not pieces that will stand the test of time but rather show stoppers for an evening. I call them "Usa e getta" or disposable. If worn with care mine have suffered very few missing pieces but again they're really available as one use necklaces. I should be having an upcoming Trunk Show with predominantly these pieces I'll post when I know more...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New work, Trunk shows and Children's collection

It has been and April full of Antiquity. I spent some time in upstate New York scouring antique shops where amazing things still abound. My preferred period is always the Victorian but for the summer the 1950's has some great colored glass pieces. Needless to say I'm full of beautiful things to adapt and recreate into my own and have been feverishly working away.
Simultaneously, I'm working on a vintage linen children's collection having come across vintage linen tablecloths and sheets that were to beautiful to pass up but damaged just enough to be of no use on a table or bed. I've got some trunk shows on the Horizon and when the May and June dates are fixed I will post them, and look out for me in Daily Candy Kids in June!!
Until the new pictures I'm busy working please contact for any further questions!!